Treble Clef Notes and Names

When you first start reading sheet music you will start with the treble clef notes. Piano teachers starts with the treble clef in the right hand to teach students right hand notes.

In order to read music you must understand the concept of clefs.


A clef is a symbol used to determine the pitch of a specific note or range of notes. There are two main clefs that musicians use to determine the pitch of a note. These are the treble and the bass clef. 

Treble Clef

Treble Clef

he treble clef generally represents the notes ranging from middle C on the piano and up. The treble clef can also represent lower notes as well. This clef is used to signify what the right hand plays on piano.

This clef can also be called the G Clef. This is because a G note runs through the center of the symbol. the bottom part of the sybol looks a little like a G if you use your imagination.

Treble Clef Chart

IF you are really wanting to learn the treble clef, I have a nifty guide that you can use to make learning the notes in this clef super easy.

The chart below contains nearly every note that you will see on the G clef. The chart starts on an A below Middle C, and ends on a B note 2 octaves up.

This chart is super helpful because it shows exactly what notes on the piano go along with each note on the clef.

You can download a Free copy of this Treble Clef Chart by clicking the image below.

What's even better is that this chart comes in an easy to read PDF format. This means you can even print it off and take it with you to the piano.

So make sure that you click the image above to download your Free chart now.


Blank Staff

The staff is what indicates the note in which the musician must play. If you look at the image above, you will see that it consists of five lines and four spaces. The spaces are the blank area between the lines. Each line and each space represents a note name.

Use the guide below to help you findng the treble clef note names.

Treble Clef Staff

Treble Clef Notes Trick

To help you to remember the names of these notes music teachers use these common trick to help students remember the names of the lines and spaces.

To help you remember the note names that fall on the lines you can use the commonly used acronym Every Good Boy Does Fine.

To help you remember the spaces in the treble clef us the word FACE. You can easily remember these note names by associating the spaces with the word FACE.

Treble Clef Notes


These notes are the first piano notes you should learn. Always use your right hand when playing these notes. It will take some practice to memorize these notes but with time you will have it. If you need additional help use flash cards to help you remember. There is also an app on the IPod and IPhone called IRead Music. I use this as a refresher on reading music.

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