Piano Resources

Learning to play the piano can be much easier if you have the right piano resources.

Here I have included some of the most helpful resources to help take you to the next level in your playing.

I know that these resources are going to help you in your piano journey and will get you over the hump in your playing.

The Piano Chord Encyclopedia

"The Piano Chord Encyclopedia" is an all inclusive chord dictionary. This book is going to guide you through learning over 645 piano chords. 

Complete with clearly labeled, easy to read images showing you exactly what notes to play.

This book takes out all of the guess work out of playing chords. With over 145 pages of clearly illustrated chords this book is a must-have for every piano player.

Click here to learn more about The Piano Chord Encyclopedia.

Mastering Basic Piano Chords

"Mastering Basic Piano Chords" is a 90 minute video course that takes you step-by-step through the process of forming chords.

This course is amazing because it not only shows you how to play the chords, it teaches you how to form each chord in every key.

It includes a simple tip that can be applied to each chord so that you can play them in every key. Once you are able to build a major chord, this course shows you how you can then build that major chord in all the keys.

This is a great comanion to "The Piano Chord Encyclopedia."

Click here to learn more about "Mastering Basic Piano Chords."


Everything that I reccomned here is either a product that I have personally created, or have used to in my own piano learning journey.

I want to make sure that everything here is going to help you reach your goals of playing the piano!

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