Learn The Easy Way To Identify the White Piano Notes.

Naming piano notes may seem like a daunting task. Eighty Eight different keys and each of them have a different name?

Luckily thats not the case.

When naming the keys on the piano you are going to be looking for patterns. You will see that many of the keys repeat themselves.

Take a look at the image below and find the two sets of black keys that are labeled.

Once you’ve found any two black keys you can now look to the key that is to the left of these two and you will find C.

Looking at the diagram above you will notice that there are two C’s in the picture. This is because every time you find a set of two back keys together you will always find a C to the left.

This is because there are multiple C’s on the piano. So if you can remember to find the two black keys you will always be able to find a C.

Now that you are able to easily locate C you will be able to locate all of the white piano notes.

In order to label the rest of the piano you now have to simply count up the musical alphabet until you reach C again.

Musical Alphabet

The musical alphabet is similar to the traditional alphabet with one small difference. The musical alphabet only ranges from A to G.

So the musical alphabet will look like this. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Once you get to G it starts all over again back on A.

So look at the keyboard below and find C again. Now go through the musical alphabet on all the white keys to find the names of these keys.

Remember, that once you get to G you must start over back on A.

Now that you can label the keys from one C to the next you can name all of the white notes on the piano. Find any C and simply count up or down the musical alphabet until you find the note you are looking for.


Being able to quickly recognize the notes and their names on the piano is crucial to becoming an accomplished piano player. Now that you know how to find the notes, take time to practice naming them.

Remember, if you get confused just find the set of two black notes, find the one next to them, and you have found C.

Count up the musical alphabet to name the note you are looking for. It will take time, but with practice you will be able to find and recognize notes and their location on the piano.

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