Virtual Piano Chord Finder
Automatically Find Any Chord With One Click Of The Mouse

The piano chord finder is a powerful tool you can use to help you find any all of the piano chords and scales with just one click of the mouse. It will show you the exact notes that belong to every chord in every key.

Using this free chord generator will allow you to automatically find any chord in just a few seconds. It will automatically display the notes any chord on the piano keyboard in an easy to read format.

Use this tool to quickly and easily find the notes in any chord in the matter of seconds!

How to use the Piano Chord Finder

The chord finder is a very powerful tool, but like most tools, if you don't know how to use it properly you won't receive all of the benefits.

Use the step-by-step guide below to easily use the chord finder. You can quickly find any chord in just 4 easy steps.

Also, make sure you take a minute to read through the list of additional features so you can get the most out of this virtual piano keyboard.

Step-By-Step Guide For Using the Chord Finder

  1. Find the root note of the chord or scale that you are wanting to find the notes for.
  2. Click the radio button to choose if you want the generator to display chords or scales.
  3. Select the type of chord or scale on the piano chord finder that you want the chord generator to build. (Ex. Major, Minor, Major 7th...)
  4. The chord generator will then display the notes that belong to that chord or scale on the virtual piano keyboard.

Virtual Piano Chords

Enter as Numbers
Enter as Notes
Enter as Scale

Let scales cover keyboard:

Notes in Chord / Scale:
Note this formula is in key of C enharmonics.
Click here for help
in entering formula

Additional Feature of the Piano Chord Finder

  • If you want to know the note names as well, look at the “Notes in Chord/Scale" box to see the written notes.
  • If you want a scale to cover the entire keyboard, click the “Let Scales Cover Keyboard” button. This feature will make the scale cover three octaves instead of just one. This will help you see the scale spread over a larger range on the piano.
  • One of the best features of the piano chord finder is the invert chord button. This button will display inversions of the chord you are looking for. This feature can turn one chord into multiple different chords. Click here for more information on chord inversions.
  • You can also enter a formula for a chord or scale. This is explained in more detail here, or at the link at the bottom of the chord generator. You can enter interval numbers or note names into the generator and it will display exactly what you input into the box on the virtual piano keyboard. (Example: Enter 1,3,5 into the piano chord finder with a root of C and it will show you a C major chord.)

This is an amazing free tool for all levels of players. This chord generator plays an important role as a reference guide to find chords and scales. Use the piano chord finder whenever you need a refresher on those hard to remember chords, or just use it learn some new chords.

Use this tool whenever you feel lost or need help. Its an amazing resource to put in your piano playing toolbox.

Here is another resource you will find helpful that includes tons of piano chords.

This encyclopedia is an helpful resource that will compliment the chord finder above. These two piano tools will defiantly boost your piano playing.

Click here to find out how these two resources can be used to enhance your piano playing. 

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