Piano Chord Chart

The piano chord chart is one of the most useful tools that you can use while learning to play the piano.

The thing I used to hate when I was first learning to play was running back and forth through the house looking on the computer for a certain chord, then running back to the piano. I did this for a long time when I was first learning to play. It is really annoying.

Chord Charts

The term chord chart has different meanings. Some people consider a chord chart to be the chords to a song. For example, when I played in church, the pastor would pass around what we called the chord chart for a song. This piece of paper with the chords to the song on it was considered the chord chart.

Other people consider a chord chart to be a chart that contains all chords as a guide to help a person learn the notes of a chord.

Since this website is an informational site to help people learn the piano we are going to have a free piano chord chart available for you to download.

Click here to download the Free 25-page Chord Chart

If you want to save it to your computer, right click to download it.

Why This Chart Is Helpful

So you can use this chart as a tool to help you memorize all of the main chords without all the hassle. You can print this chord chart and leave it with you next to the piano so you can look at it when you get to a chord that you don’t know

Use this free chord chart whenever you get stuck. It’s easy to get lost when learning chords. There are so many of them to remember, so when you are first learning you are going to need some kind of guide to help keep you sharp with all the chords.

Using this chart for some of the more uncommon chords is helpful too. There are a lot of chords that you won’t use that often. Keeping this close is a good idea to help you with those chords that you rarely use, but still need to know from time to time.

Need more help learning chords? Download our Free 25-page piano chord chart Now...

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