Piano Blues - Let The Fun Begin!

One of the most fun styles on the piano has got to be the piano blues.

Though it may be a fun styles to play, it can be one of the hardest.

Even though it may be hard it is a style that most love and aspire to learn to play. Most piano players think of playing the blues this as their “Climbing Mount Everest.”

Once someone learns the blues they feel
like they have become an accomplished piano player. But being able to play the blues and "REALLY" playing the blues are two totally different things.

Anyone can learn the blues scale and then start playing the 12 bar blues. But it takes time to become a true blues pianist.

So if you came here wanting to learn the blues overnight then you came to wrong place. But if you are willing to put in the time, and really work hard, then keep reading.

The Blues

The blues is a style of music that strays from standard traditional classical music. It has an origin all its own.

It has its own scales and chords that make it totally different from any other type of music.

When learning the blues you must learn blues theory. If you think you know music theory hold on to your seat because the blues is going take everything you thought you knew about music theory and throw it down the drain.

Practicing blues scales is also important part of learning the blues. Have fast fingers will increase you ability in playing blues.

Blues has its own set of rules that you need to know so you can keep with the style.

Playing the Blues

The thing that sets the blues apart is the left hand. You need to have an independent left hand in order to play the blues. Your right hand is going to have plenty to do, so you need to have a left hand that can hold its own.

Piano blues is great because you have the freedom to improvise. You take the blues progressions in the song and you play to your hearts content.

This is one of the things that makes the blues so great. You get the creative freedom to play what you think sounds good.

Once you start getting good at the blues you can then take your improv to the next level with soloing.

You make up you own bag of tricks, also known as riffs, and steal the stage with your amazing blues solo.

You take everything you know about the blues and get your 30 seconds of fame.


Piano blues is fun and exciting. Learning to play this style of music will make your friends go crazy. They will automatically rank you above all of the classical piano players they know.

Your cool sounding piano playing will steal the show and also open up doors for you to play many other types of music.

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