Free Music Theory Flash Cards

Here are music theory flash cards that can help you to remember all of the different signs and symbols. The biggest problem I had when learning to play piano was trying to memorize all of the notes and music signs that went along with written music.

There are tons of different signs, like note names, key signatures, and note duration that make it hard to remember all of them.

Flash cards are a great tool for children and adults to use to remember note names and signs. I used to use flash cards not long ago just to help my speed of reading notes. Anyone at any skill level can use piano flash cards to help them.

According to studies, flash cards are one of the best ways to help memorize. You must however, continue to use the flash cards or it will only store the information in the short term memory.

Remember when you were in school and you used flash cards to remember things for the test. Well, it worked. But you forgot everything right after. This is one thing about flash cards is that if not used properly then you will set the information in the long term memory where you can easily access it for future use.

Here is a list of all of the flash cards that you will need to help you quickly memorize all the notes and musical symbols.

White Piano Keys
Treble Clef
Bass Clef
Black Piano Keys
Note and Rest Duration
Key Signature

Circle Of Fifths Chart

Use these flash cards to help you read music, learn musical symbols, and get a better understanding of music theory. Music theory can be one of the hardest parts of learning music. Take your time and practice these flash cards daily to get a better grip on your musical knowledge.

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