Looking For a Quick and Easy Way To Start Playing The Piano?

I Am About to Share With You How You Can Start Enjoying The Gift of Music Today!

What if I told you that you that you could start playing your favorite songs in a matter of hours rather than day, weeks, or even years.

You’d never believe me right....

Most people think that playing music takes years of practice, and that it is impossible to play their favorite songs without a huge investment in time. 

I’ve heard so many piano students say:

  • Where will I find the time to practice?
  • Will I really be able to teach myself how to play the piano?
  • Am I even talented enough to play?
  • I don't have the time or the money for traditional lessons, and I don't really want to learn to read sheet music anyway.

Do Any Of These Statements Sound Like You?

Have you every told yourself something like this and just gave up trying to learn to play the piano?

If so...

Then I have the perfect solution for you!

And it’s really a lot easier than what you think.

I’m going to share with you how you can start playing the piano FAST! even if you are a complete beginner.

You won’t have to worry about any confusing music theory because I have broken it all down into this easy to understand course that takes you Step-By-Step through the process of learning how to play the piano.

So How In The World Are You Going To Get Passed All These Obstacles?

In my revolutionary video course, "Mastering Basic Piano Chords" I share my most essential tricks that are rarely taught in traditional lessons...

I have put together an easy-to-followcomprehensive course that’s going to put you on the Fast Track to playing piano chords.

I lead you through my step-by-step method of how to play chords so you can start playing your favorite songs in no time!

But before we go any further, let’s take a look at what you can expect to learn from this revolutionary course.

With My Step-By-Step Method You Will Learn:

    • How to form the most common chords that are used in every style of music. After following this course you will be able to build every chord you will need to play hundreds of different songs.
    • My simple formula that will allow you to play each chord in all 12 keys, thus expanding your possibilities for playing more songs. This simple formula will make learning every chord on the piano a snap. Learn one formula, then apply it to every key in minutes.
    • The theory behind sharps and flats explained in simple, down to earth language.
  • How to form Whole Steps and Half Steps by combining sharps and flats. Then get the secret to why whole steps and half steps are so important to learning music and the foundation to playing and building chords.
  • Learn how to build the major scale in all 12 keys, even if you have never played a scale in your life. By learning this simple tip your knowledge of the piano will skyrocket through the roof!
  • Why intervals are so important to playing music. I share with you how intervals affect music and why the best piano players in the world are so good at intervals. At the end of this course you will be playing intervals, and experiencing the power intervals have building playing chords.
  • Two simple, step-by-step methods to build chords using the Interval Approach and the Numbers Approach.
  • How to play chords using numbers instead of music notes. You won’t have to learn to read a single note! By following these simple steps you will be forming chords in no time... No Sight Reading Necessary.
  • The secret to taking one chord and magically turning it into 12 different chords.
  • How to take a simple major chord and turn it into whatever chord you want. I share how if you can learn the major chord, you will be able to play every chord on the piano.
    1. Major Chords
    2. Minor Chords
    3. 5 Chords
    4. Suspended Chords
    5. Add 2 Chords
    6. Augmented Chords
    7. Diminished Chords
  • And much more!

Customer Comments


"That's one amazing program. Well thought out and easy to follow. Almost too much information which is a good thing. Between your free on-line lessons and this program you get the whole shebang! " Carl-United States quote1

This course was designed to be an all-inclusive guide to get you playing the piano FAST!

I have included everything you need to know to get started right away.

Once you’ve completed this course, you will be able to start playing songs using chords in no time.

But that’s not all...

Along with the instructional video, I’m offering “4” very special one-time only "Bonus" items to get you one step ahead when it comes to your piano playing.

Special Bonus #1
90 Minute Audio Download

(Online Download / Limited Time)

Not only will you get over 90 minutes of video instruction, I am also throwing in 90 Minutes of Downloadable Audio Instruction.

Image being at the gym, in the car, or waiting in line at the bank and being able to learn how to play the piano.

Almost 90% of people have some kind of portable audio device. Whether that be a cell phone, iPod or MP3 player.

That’s why I am offering the audio file of this course so you an take it with you anywhere you go.

Just drop the audio file on your MP3 Player and you will be able to follow along with all amazing information in the course anywhere you go!

Special Bonus #2
60 Page Online Course Book (PDF)

(Online Download / Limited Time)

Full of images, charts, and diagrams, this course book follows directly along with the instructional video laying out each and every step I follow.
There’s no way that you can fall behind!

I have included this 60 Page online manual to outline the entire course so you have every single step written down.

Each example in the video is broken down in this comprehensive manual making it easy to follow along.

You will be guided through the entire course with this easy to understand course book.

Because everyone learns differently, this book is a great addition to your success of learning to play chords and mastering the piano.

Special Bonus #3
35 Page Digital Chord Book (PDF)

(Online Download / Limited Time)

I am also throwing in this special 35 Page Chord Book. This book includes every single chord that is discussed in the course.

It is easy to read and shows every chord laid out on the piano. It shows you exactly what notes to play.

Each key is highlighted showing you exactly what note to play, along with the proper fingering.

Also in this book you get diagrams for every single major scale.

In the course I share with you how important the major scale is. So I went ahead and threw in a scales chart so that you are certain that what you are playing is 100% Correct!

Not only are getting the video course, you are also receiving these "3 Special Bonuses" to even further your understanding of chords to get you playing even faster.

Special Bonus #4
Instant Download of The Entire Course!

(Online Download / Limited Time)

You will not only get a physical DVD sent to your home, you will also get a unique access link so you can download the entire course immediately so you can get stated right away.

You will still receive the DVD on you doorstep, but you won't have to wait to gain access to the materials.

Once payment is made you will be able to start the course right away. Then just a few days later you will get the DVD in the mail so you can start learning in the comfort of your home theater system.

Customer Comments


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you. I’ve been messing about with the organ for many years. I had piano lessons as a child, but the teacher told my parents I would never make it as a musician as I had no sense of timing and a distinct lack of co-ordination after two years of weekly lessons.

I taught myself the basics of organ playing, but found chords very difficult. Since finding you, it has now opened up a whole new world for me. I’m following your instructions and gaining in confidence and my knowledge of chords is getting better by the week. Gregory-United Kingdom

Here’s What You Get When You Order

  • Over 90 minutes of in-depth, step-by-step instructional video. I become your personal piano instructor. Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to play each every chord using my simple method.
  • On screen cues showing exactly what to do. There’s no guessing on this one. Each step appears on the screen so there is no possible way you can miss anything.
  • The ability to stop, pause, and rewind anything you missed. This guarantees that you are mastering each concept no questions asked.
  • Over 90 minutes of audio. No matter where you are, you will be able to continue your piano learning with this accompanying audio. Never before has there been so much piano instruction in the palm if your hand!
  • 60 Page Online Course Book. Complete with step-by-step action steps that you can use as you follow the video course. Including images, charts, and diagrams of each and every step in the course. Each step is outlined to take out every bit of difficulty.
  • 35 Page Digital Chord and Scales Book. Complete with every chord and scale you will need, and the proper fingering. A complete Piano Chord Chart with every chord in the course, in every key, so there is no guessing if your playing them right. Also including every major scale on the piano with easy to read images. Each key is highlighted in the scale to show you exactly what to play.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I know that your going to love my “Mastering Basic Piano Chords.” video course!

To show you how confident I am that this is going to change the way you play the piano, I am offer our “No-Questions-Asked” Full  365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

That’s Right.......

If for any reason, over the course of 1 Year, you feel that this course has not exceeded your expectations I will give you a 100% Refund, No Questions Asked.

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Your purchase is 100% Safe and Secure - and 100% Risk Free.

I look forward to hearing your piano success story very soon.


Eric Rader

PS: With Mastering Basic Piano Chords you will have access to over 3 Hours of video and audio piano instruction.

PPS: You will also receive over 95 Pages of written instruction to help guide you through all the information presented in the video.

PPPS: By following the steps in this course you will become confident in building and playing chrods in every key on the piano. This easy to follow course will lead you through every step to start playing great new piano chords!

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