Learning Piano Online with Free Online Lessons

Is Learning Piano Online possibe? You better believe it!

If you are interested in learning to play the piano, and don’t have the time for traditional lessons, then online lessons are a great way to learn piano.

Why Are Online Lessons So Great?

WHy Are Online Lessons So Great?


It is very flexible. If you are an adult trying to learn piano then you need something that is flexible. Online Lessons are the ideal situation for convenience. You can take your time and work at your own pace. If you take the more traditional method then you have to work at the pace of the instructor. This can be good because it motivates you to stay on task, but we all know that time is scarce and having a flexibility is always a Good Thing.

The Lessons Are Great

With the amount of information online these days you can find great quality websites that have amazing content. There are some amazing website out there that have amazing Free Lessons if you are learning piano online.

Along with these free lessons there are also some phenomenal paid lessons out there. There are some very talented teachers out there who have taken their talent of teaching and piano to make very comprehensive courses. They are made up of manuals and videos to really help guide the student to learn the piano in their unique way.

Very Concise

Because most people who are trying to learn the piano quickly because time is always an issue, online lessons tend to take out a lot of the fluff that traditional teachers don’t. There are a lot of things that piano instructors will teach you that are really unimportant.

I remember when I was taking lessons, all I did was learn a new song each week. I didn’t feel like I was learning anything that I could apply to my piano playing. I was still learning to read notes better and time, but I didn’t feel as though I was given much substance to get me to progress like I wanted.

I then started learning piano online and it gave me all the important parts that I needed and left out the rest that wasn’t as important.

Even thought they are concise they help you to learn everything you need to know to really succeed.

The Downside to Online Lessons

There are some downsides to leaning the piano through the internet.

One aspect is that you don’t have accountability that an instructor gives you. When you are taking real lessons you know that you are paying them money and know that if you don’t take time to practice then you feel like you are wasting your money.

Having personal training can be helpful too for those times when you are stuck and need an experienced piano player to explain something to help you. This can be one of the major downfalls of learning piano online because you don’t have that one on one help that you might need from time to time.


So are individual lessons better than online lessons? It all depends on your situation. I did both and feel that each individual person needs to evaluate what they want out of their lessons.

If you want a one on one, personal experience then traditional lessons are for you. If you are in a time crunch and want to save some money then look up free online lessons.

One of the best online courses out there right now is Rocket Piano. It gives you everything you need to really learn the piano. They have really taken their time to give you a complete guide for learning piano online. Its filled with video instructions to help clear up any questions you might have. Click Here to check out what Rocket Piano is all about.

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