How To Play Scales on the Piano

Want to be a great piano player? Then you need to Learn How to Play Scales.

This page is dedicated to showing you how to play each major, minor, and blues scale on the piano or keyboard. Each page will include a video demonstration along with pictures and a description of each scale.

It will also give the correct fingering
for that scale so you know the proper
way to play it.

Each minor scale will include the
natural minor, melodic minor, and harmonic minor scale. These scales
are very different. So each minor
page will include all three of these scales.

Major Scales

C Major Scale
C# Major Scale
D Major Scale

Eb Major Scale
E Major Scale
F Major Scale

F# Major Scale
G Major Scale
Ab Major Scale
A Major Scale
Bb Major Scale
B Major Scale

Minor Scales

C Minor Scale
C# Minor Scale
D Minor Scale
D# Minor Scale
E Minor Scale
F Minor Scale

F# Minor Scale
G Minor Scale
G# Minor Scale
A Minor Scale
Bb Minor Scale
B Minor Scale

Blues Scales

C Blues Scale
Db Blues Scale
D Blues Scale
Eb Blues Scale
E Blues Scale

F Blues Scale

F# Blues Scale
G Blues Scale
Ab Blues Scale
A Blues Scale
Bb Blues Scale
B Blues Scale


Take your time to learn each of these scales and their fingering. Knowing your scales is one of the most important things to know about plying the piano.

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