Learn To Play The Piano With Our Free Piano Lessons

Free Piano Lessons? Most online lessons are not as helpful as most would hope.

I feel that music should be a something that everyone is able to take advantage of. But most people don't have the time to really learn.

With these lessons you will start with the basics in a clear and easy to learn format. We are going to take out all of the fluff and give you the keys (pun intended) to making great music on the piano or keyboard.

Going through these lessons you will learn about scales, notes, rhythm, chords, and much more.

If you follow these lessons you will learn the bulk of what you can learn in private lessons. The only difference is you have to keep yourself motivated to work hard.

Learning the piano is hard work. But I believe that everyone can learn to play. If you take the time to learn and practice you WILL be successful.

When learning to play piano, there are a few things that you need to remember.

  • Practice everyday to keep yourself sharp
  • Try and block out all other distractions
  • Keep a positive attitude

If you follow this advice your time will be more productive.

As you move forward in the process of learning there will be blocks in the road. You’ll feel like you are stopped and you aren't getting any better. This is normal.

Just keep following our guide and practicing and you will see improvement soon. See how you really can learn piano online.

Our free piano lessons are written and explained in the easiest way possible so if you are a complete beginner you will understand all the concepts.

We are also going to include videos, charts, and visuals with our lessons. When learning the piano it is sometimes more important to see what the person is doing rather than just reading about what they are doing.

Start with this piano key chart for a great intro to learning piano keys.

Next you can use the piano note chart to learn the notes on the piano staff.

We hope you enjoy our free piano lessons and take your time and follow every lesson as it is written. Don't skip steps or try and get ahead. If you take your time and work hard you will learn to play!

For more help check out more of our Free Piano Lessons

Lessons #1 - How To Play a Piano - Beginner Lesson

Lessons #2 - Best Methods To Practice Piano

Lessons #3 - Piano Layout

Lessons #4 - Naming the White Keys

Lessons #5 - Naming the Black Keys

Lessons #6 - Piano Fingering

Lessons #7 - Reading Piano Notes

Lessons #8 - Semitone and Half Steps

Lessons #9 - Whole Steps

Lessons #10 - The Major Scale

Lessons #11 - Treble Clef Notes

Lessons #12 - Bass Clef Notes

Lessons #13 - Reading Piano Music

Lessons #14 - Sight Reading

Lessons #15 - Music Rhythm

Lessons #16 - Grand Staff

Lessons #17 - Eighth Notes

Lessons #18 - Sixteenth Notes

Lessons #19 - Dotted Half Note

Lessons #20 -Note Value

Lessons #21 - Musical Rests

Lessons #22 - Whole Rests

Lessons #23 - Half Rests

Lessons #24 - Quarter Rests

Lessons #25 - Eight Rests

Lessons #26 - Understanding Musical Repeat Signs

Lessons #27 - Learn Piano Chords

Lessons #28 - Play By Ear With Music Intervals

Lessons #29 - Music Timing

If you are looking for more great piano lessons you should check out my book The Piano Chord Encyclopedia and my video course Mastering Basic Piano Chords.

These two resources have been created to help make learning the piano as easy as possible. Check them out to how you can start learning to play the piano today.

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