Play By Ear With Chord Piano

Chord piano is how most piano players play by ear. Using chords is the easiest way to quickly learn to play your favorite songs.

Playing with chords also lets you put some of your own personality into your music. You are given a chord and then its up to you add whatever fill you want to make the song your own.

Learning Piano With Chords

Once you learn your chords you can start playing songs. The chords are the framework for the song. They are a set of three or more notes that lets the melody of the songs move around.

You can play one chord and sing a number of different notes for the melody. This is how most people write songs.

How to Play Piano Chords

With these lessons you will learn How To Play Chords and how you can play the piano using chords.

You will also learn to build a chord using a tetra chord.

The great thing about playing chord piano is that once you learn to build a chord you can then play any chord in any key. This will allow you to change the key of a song if the original key is too high or too low for the singer.

The Piano Chord Encyclopedia is also a great resource for learning to play piano chords. It shows how to play almost every chord you'll ever need with fingering and inversions.


One benefit of playing chords is the ability to transpose the chords. Transposing is an easy way to take a chord chart and change the chords to a different key.

Say the song was written in Db and the guitar players you are jamming with can’t play in Db so you change the key to an easier key like E orA.

This is what most musicians do in Nashville. They use whats called the Nashville Number System to play. They use a set of numbers that correspond to a chord that they are to play.

This is great for live musicians because a singer might need a song in a lower key. They might be sick and can’t sing those high notes so they change the key and follow the number chart.

Playing By Ear

You can easily learn to play your favorite songs by ear by playing chord piano. You can use common chord progressions to figure out the chords of a song. Once you have figured out the chords of the song you can then add your own riffs to make the song sound different and unique.

Piano Tabs

Another alternative to playing the piano without notes is using piano tabs. Click to learn how to read piano tabs. Tabs are generally used for guitar players but piano players are starting to use tabs to play songs without having to read sheet music.

You can take a sheet of piano tabs and play a song the exact way you heard it on the radio by following the tabs. This is a fine way to play the piano but it takes a little away from the creative side of playing by chords. Combining tabs and chords will help you play the exact licks you hear and also put your own creativity into a song.


Most people think you need an amazing ear to play by ear. This is partly true. If you learn how to play chords you can train yourself to play piano by ear. If you take what you learn in these lessons and on this site you will learn the things yu need to know to lay almost ever song without reading music.

You will also give yourself the ability to write your own songs and add creative flare to popular song that you are wanting play. take the time to search through this section and impress your friends by quickly learning to play the piano using chords.

Need more help learning chords? Learn almost every chord you'll ever need with our Piano Chord Encyclopedia.

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