Bass Clef Scale

The bass clef scale is an easy to learn scale that will widely improve your piano paying. For some people it can seem a little harder to learn the the treble clef.

Don’t get discouraged though!

With a little bit of practice you will be playing these scales in no time. For most people the treble clef is the more common of the two scales. Because of this, when learning the piano, we tend to focus more time studying and practicing this scale.

This can cause you to be a little unfamiliar with the bass clef. Use this page to help you bring your confidence in the bass clef to same level as the treble clef. We have included here a list of all the scales for the bass clef, and also a downloadable PDF document that you can save to your computer and print.

Let’s get started by noticing the differences in the bass and treble clef scale.

Bass Clef Scale Versus Treble Clef Scale

Each clef is made up of line and spaces. Each line and space represents a note on the scale. While each clef has five lines and four spaces, the notes on each clef are different.

The bottom line of the treble clef is an E note, and the top line note is an F. The bottom line on the bass clef is a G and top line is A.

Treble and Bass Clef Notes

Because these two clefs are slightly different, they will have slightly different scales. The notes on the bass clef scale are slightly different from the treble clef.

For example: If you compare the C major scale on both of the clefs below, you will notice that each of them looks slightly different.

C Major Scale Treble Clef
C Major Scale Bass Clef

This is because the notes in the clefs are different. This is what causes confusing for beginning musicians.

They don’t take the time to study both clefs equally. Because they mainly focus on the treble clef, they are slightly behind when reading notes on the bass clef. Make sure you take equal time studying the notes and scales in the bass clef so that you are comfortable reading notes in both clefs.

Check out the page on piano notes to learn how to read notes on both the bass and treble clef.

The Scales

Here is every major bass clef scale in every sharp and flat key. I have also included a downloadable PDF file that you can save to your computer that has all the scales.

You can save this file, or even print it off if you like and keep it next to your piano. Study the notes on the bass clef scale to where you comfortable enough where you no longer need the chart.

Click Here to Download the PDF File

Here are the scale:


C Major

G Major

D Major

A Major

E Major

B Major

F# Major

C# Major


F Major

Bb Major

Eb Major

Ab Major

Db Major

Gb Major

Cb Major

Moving Forward

Learning each of these scales in the bass clef will really help make you a better musician. Don’t just focus on the treble clef. It’s easy to get caught only looking at the one clef.

Start with the C Major Scale. Practice playing it until you are able to play it without any mistakes. When you are able to play it flawlessly, then try and play it without the notes in front of you.

This is going to take a little more practice.

Once you are able to play it flawlessly without sheet music, them move on to the next scale. Learn each scale this way. Once you learn one, move on to the next.

Once you learn each bass clef scale by memory you should then add these scales into your daily practice routine. Play through each scale one at a time. Try playing them together with the right hand. Try playing two octave scales. This means that rather then just playing the scale just one time, try playing two time over two octaves.

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